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XMIX is an easy-to-use OpenSource audio player.  It's goal is to provide an easy access to audio ressources within a friendly listening environment .

Full, light and stable player

Able to read most standard audio formats and protocols, one program, no installation required

Custom Design

Appearance completely customizable, skin editor, window arrangement, keyboard shortcut for each function

Completely free and OpenSource

One single software edition including all features for all and for free

And also ...

Multi-language, programmable audio engine, pilotable by an external program, optimization of used memory


Easy to use, XMIX player is able to read most common audio formats and protocols (mp3, ogg vorbis, web radio, etc).

It's GUI allow to switch from a discreet player to a rich listening environment .

It addresses as well persons looking for an effective audio player as well as the music lovers in search of an unusual audio player.



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